On the evening of 05.09.2015 confirms the police in Norway the death of a tourist on the Trolltunga tongue!

death of a tourist on the Trolltunga

death of a tourist on the Trolltunga

death of a tourist on the Trolltunga

For more information on gender, name and age not die Published Police for the Protection of belong to.
The rumors consequence it should be a woman from a large tour group.

Since we have been on Trolltunga and have taken dangerous pictures  in 2014 of our self at Trolltunga in Norway, we regret this incident and wish to dependents without friends and strength.

Trolltunga is a promontory die 5m thick at the beginning to a few centimeters thin is one of your top. It extends about 10 feet over the cliff and law addition is approximately 700 meters above sea level. Trolltunga besides Kjeragbolten the photo motif at all, when it comes to adrenaline in Norway. People suffering from vertigo should not go up to the top.

Please share this message, because there is certainly still some tourists
underestimate Trolltunga OR overestimate themself!

Trolltunga Death Accident by fall off

Update from 09/14/2015: The Australian student Kristi Kafcaloudis (24) falls on her way back of Trolltunga, as though one group dodging tourists, she fell sideways from the famous Trolltunga tongue.
The young students could only be recovered dead.

Norwegen Reiseblog & Reiseerfahrungen

We stood on the Kjeragbolten, walked at the Trolltunga tongue to the edge and have just escaped an avalanche near Buarbreen Glacier – we have seen and seen an incredible amount and want to tell you about it and show some nice photos. More about this in our Norway Travel Blog in German Language:

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